Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

Redacted Collaboration Agreement

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6. Data Sharing

6.1 The Parties acknowledge that they are required to share Data promptly with other Parties and with the funder in the performance of activities ascribed to them under the Research Plan and in accordance with the terms of this section, subject to the provisions regarding the protection of Confidential Information and bilateral agreements with the funder. For the purpose of clarity, unless otherwise expressly provided for in this Agreement, no Party is obliged to provide any other Party Research Results or Data beyond the deliverables specified in the Research Plan. [“Research Plan” means the research activities as described more fully in Article 2 and in Appendix A, attached hereto and made a part of this Agreement, including any amendments to such plan agreed in writing by the Parties.]

6.2 Data must be collected, maintained and used in accordance with the necessary informed consent and regulatory approval (if applicable).

6.3 The Steering Committee may establish processes by which Data will be physically or electronically transferred among the Parties and with the funder, provided that costs associated with Data sharing activities, including costs to ensure that the Data is in a form compliant with applicable laws (anonymized, for example), and “Open Access” publications specified in this Agreement will be incorporated into the budget for the grant agreement or contract, as the case may be, with the funder.

6.4 For Data where standardized data formats, metadata standards and repositories exist, such as for certain genomic and transcriptomic data, the Party generating the Data will provide the funder and other Parties an appropriate link and identifier (e.g. accession number) to the Data.