Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

CEPI – Novavax, COVID-19 Vaccine Funding Agreement

  • IP ownership & licensing | Ownership of results
  • IP ownership & licensing | Protection of IP

5. Ownership of Project Results; Intellectual Property

5.2 Ownership of Project Results. Awardee shall own the rights to Project Results.

[“Project Results” means all of the tangible results that are made or developed by Awardee under the Project, including the Project Vaccine, and directly related to such Product Vaccine, assays necessary for Project Vaccine production, whether in whole or in components, protocols used in Project Vaccine clinical or non-clinical evaluation, Project Data, and Project Materials.]

5.3 Ownership of Intellectual Property. Awardee shall own all Intellectual Property. Upon request [***] Awardee shall update CEPI regarding the status of Intellectual Property rights sought and obtained. Awardee shall have the right, but not the obligation, to seek IP protection at its own cost.