Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

MPP Sublicense Agreement under AbbVie-MPP License Agreement

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§3 Sublicense:

Sublicensee Identification: The parties intend that MPP will identify potential manufacturers of pharmaceutical products with a view to enter into Sublicenses. Upon identification of such a manufacturer, in each case, MPP shall provide notice to AbbVie of the identity of the manufacturer and basic information.

Sublicensee Certification: MPP shall only enter into Sublicenses with entities

that have produced reasonable evidence demonstrating their intent and capability to:

(a) comply with applicable laws relating to corruption; and

(b) manufacture Licensed Products in compliance with the obligations set forth in the Sublicense.

AbbVie’s Consent:

MPP shall not enter into a Sublicense with a party without AbbVie’s prior written consent with respect to that party.