Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

Moderna – Lonza, COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine & Therapies, Manufacturing & Process Development Agreement

  • Information & materials sharing | Material transfer


“MODERNA Equipment” means all equipment or machinery designated by the Parties as “MODERNA Equipment” in the relevant Statement of Work or other written agreement by the Parties, or in the list of equipment maintained by the JMT as set forth in Section 3.2.2(f).

Materials” means all raw materials, components (including packaging materials), and other potential materials, supplies, consumables or similar items reasonably necessary for, or otherwise used in, the Manufacture of Product.

5. MODERNA Equipment

5.1. Relevant Terms. Each Statement of Work shall include the terms and conditions applicable to the MODERNA Equipment to be used by LONZA to perform the Services set forth in such Statement of Work.

7. Manufacture of Product

7.1 Moderna Materials. Within the time period agreed to in the relevant Statement of Work, MODERNA will ensure that LONZA is provided with the materials listed in such Statement of Work required to be supplied by MODERNA for the production of the Product, and any handling instructions, protocols, SOPs and other documentation necessary to maintain the properties of such materials for the performance of the Services (collectively, the “MODERNA Materials”).The MODERNA Materials are the Confidential Information of MODERNA and shall be used by LONZA solely for purposes of this Agreement and the relevant Statement of Work. MODERNA will promptly inform LONZA of any delays in providing MODERNA Materials that would prevent LONZA from performing the Services or in accordance with the timeline set forth in the relevant Statement of Work, and, in the event of any such delay, LONZA will use commercially reasonable efforts to accommodate any requests by MODERNA to adjust the timeline for the Services to compensate for such delay. LONZA shall ensure that the MODERNA Materials is secure and safe from loss, damage or misuse.