Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

Lambert Toolkit, Consortium Agreement D Template

  • Information & materials sharing | Data management

Schedule 5: Good Data Management Practices

  1. Research data must be generated using sound scientific techniques and processes;
  2. Research data must be accurately recorded in accordance with good scientific practices by the people conducting the research;
  3. Research data must be analyzed appropriately, without bias and in accordance with good scientific practices;
  4. Research data and the Results must be stored securely and be easily retrievable;
  5. Data trails must be kept to allow people to demonstrate easily and to reconstruct key decisions made during the conduct of the research, presentations made about the research and conclusions reached in respect of the research; and
  6. Each party must have the right, on not less than [30] days written notice, to visit any other party to verify that the other Party is complying with the above practices and procedures.