Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

European Commission – CureVac, COVID-19 Vaccine Advance Purchase Agreement

  • Consortium structure & management

I.5 Implementation of the APA

I.5.3 Each participating Member State and the contractor will conclude a Vaccine Order Form, using the template Vaccine Order Form attached as Annex II to this APA, setting out the details of the delivery of the doses of the Product allocated to the respective participating Member State. For the avoidance of doubt, each participating Member State is obligated to purchase and pay for the doses contractually allocated to it as formally notified by the Commission regardless of whether such Vaccine Order Form is concluded or not. The general conditions and the special conditions under this APA shall apply to, and, pursuant to Article I.1, prevail over, the Vaccine Order Forms. 

Annex III 

Article 6: Responsibility and liability 

The present Agreement regulates only the division of potential liability and indemnification between the Commission and the Participating Member States. It does not regulate the extent to or the conditions under which potential liability of the vaccine manufacturer may be taken over or indemnified under the APAs. 

The Commission shall be exclusively responsible for the procurement process and the conclusion of APAs including any liability arising out of the conduct of the negotiations. 

Participating Member States acquiring a vaccine shall be responsible for the deployment and use of the vaccines under their national vaccination strategies, and shall bear any liability associated with such use and deployment. This shall extend to and include any indemnification of vaccine manufacturers under the terms and conditions of the relevant APA for liability related to the use and deployment of vaccines normally borne by such manufacturer. 

Structure and purpose of the procurement 

Work on a COVID-19 vaccine is challenging for many reasons: the shortened development timeframe, the large upfront costs for manufacturers, the high failure rate during clinical trials. If vaccine producers follow their usual practice of making investments in production capacity only when they are sure of a viable product, this will result in considerably longer waiting times for a vaccine. Investments need to be made now in order to ensure that vaccines are being produced at the scale required as early as possible. 

Under the present agreement, this challenge will be addressed through concluding EU- level Advance Purchase Agreements (“APA”) with vaccine manufacturers when necessary, to secure access to vaccine candidates where they are successful, including up-front EU financing to de-risk essential investments to increase the speed and scale of manufacturing successful vaccines. Funding for the up-front payments will come from the Emergency Support Instrument (ESI). 

The Parties understand that developing a safe and effective vaccine is a highly complex process and the risk of failure in any such venture is very high. Therefore, the aim is to put in place APAs with a number of manufacturers of leading vaccine candidates, to maximise the chances of having access to at least one successful vaccine. 

The Commission will invite all vaccine manufacturers to manifest interest. In general, the Commission will give priority to negotiating specific APAs with those manufacturers that (a) have entered or have firm plans to enter clinical trials still in 2020, (b) have the capacity to develop a successful vaccine and (c) have a proven capacity to produce at scale already in 2021.