Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

CAVD Data & Materials Sharing Agreement

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Annex D:  Master Confidential Disclosure Agreement

Confidential Information” means, subject to Section 4, (i) all information provided at any CAVD-Related Meeting with respect to any aspect of a CAVD Project, regardless of whether or not such information is identified or marked as confidential and regardless of whether or not a written record is subsequently provided if the information was provided orally and (ii) all recorded information, including data marked “Confidential” or bearing a similar legend.

Annex C§1(d):  Confidentiality

Subject to the provisions contained in these Guiding Principles, Confidential Information (as defined in the CAVD Master CDA), including but not limited to Data, that is shared between CAVD Members of different Funded Centers or Consortia will be held in confidence according to the terms of a CAVD Master CDA.

Annex D§4: Confidentiality Obligations

Each CAVD Member, as a Receiving Party, agrees that it will: (a) use the Confidential Information received from a Disclosing Party solely for the Purpose (defined as “carrying out their own activities within the corresponding CAVD Projects”), (b) treat the Confidential Information with reasonable care to avoid disclosure of the Confidential Information to any third party, person, firm or corporation other than as expressly stated herein, and (c) except to the extent prohibited or, where applicable, to the extent authorized by law, be liable for use of the Disclosing Party’s Confidential Information outside the scope of the Purpose as well as for any unauthorized disclosure directly resulting from their failure to exercise such reasonable care.