Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

Academic Institution – Company, Research Collaboration Agreement

  • Consortium structure & management | Reporting Requirements


Data” shall mean recorded information, including but not limited to any reports of research activities, generated in the performance of activities under the Research Plan, including any such information related to gene sequences. 

2. Research, Governance, and Reports

2.10 Each Party shall provide each other Party with written progress reports and a final written report summarizing the results of its activities conducted under the Project as specified in the Research Plan and as reasonably requested by another Party to facilitate work under the Research Plan. Each Party shall use commercially reasonable efforts to submit the Project Results obtained by such Party in the conduct of activities under the Research Plan to each other Party’s Project Leader or designee referenced in the Research Plan on or before the due dates as described in the Research Plan. For the purpose of clarity, no party is obliged to provide any other Party Project Results or Data beyond the deliverables specified in the Research Plan.