Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

Resources and Analysis

GHIAA regularly produces and collates analysis and informational resources related to the content of the MAPGuide, including explanations of key concepts and in-depth blog posts examining important topics for global health agreements and equitable access.

Issue Introductions

The MAPGuide is organized into “issues” which are key areas of consideration for negotiating global health agreements with the aim of enabling increased global access to healthcare products. The Issue Introductions page provides explanations of what these issues mean and why they are important, along with examples of how they are addressed in some agreements in the MAPGuide.

Equitable Access Policies

This page provides links to equitable access policies and other resources developed by global health R&D funders, Product Development Partnerships (PDPs) and academic institutions. The information in these documents provides insight into the challenges surrounding equitable access, and shows examples of how organizations may seek to achieve their access objectives.

MAPGuide Commentaries

On this page you will find blog posts discussing issues, provisions and agreements found in the MAPGuide. Topics currently covered here include stewardship & access plans, liability & indemnification, and the role of contract provisions in facilitiating access to COVID-19 vaccines. 

MAPGuide Glossary

The MAPGuide glossary provides definitions of key terms from agreements found in the MAPGuide. Some supplementary definitions have been added for common abbreviations, as well as links to external sources for further explanation of complex terms.