Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

Agreement Selection Methodology

Criteria for inclusion: Any actual, template or model contract related to the research, development, manufacture, commercialization and/or supply of a medical product with the aim of addressing global public health needs.

Data sources: SEC filings, government freedom of information disclosures, global health funder and non-profit websites, redacted agreements contributed directly to GHIAA.

Completeness of data: The collection of agreements in the MAPGuide should not be viewed as a ‘complete’ or ‘final’ set of the available data. As a resource constrained, small non-profit organization, GHIAA has a backlog of agreements to be analyzed and published, and is continuously searching for new relevant agreements. The MAPGuide contains agreements that organizations either must publish under legal or regulatory requirements, or are contributed to GHIAA. A limitation to our content is the significant number of agreements that organizations are not required or willing to make publicly available.

How to contribute: We encourage all organizations, whether public, private, academic or non-profit, to support GHIAA’s mission by contributing global health agreements to the MAPGuide. GHIAA accepts redacted and anonymized agreements, as well as extracts of relevant provisions (e.g. equitable access obligations). If you would like to submit an agreement, please contact or complete this form.