Enabling Alliances For Innovation


The MAPGuide is a new tool to help practitioners and policymakers access a curated collection of actual and template contractual provisions from global health alliance agreements that address key principles upon which partnerships are built. Real-world examples from public sector, industry, nonprofit, philanthropic, and multilateral institutions show how different alliances approach issues around access, intellectual property, liability, risk and benefit sharing, and more. The user-friendly online platform allows users to find provisions using keyword searches or by browsing by issue, partner type, development stage, and product type.

Glossary of Global Health Agreement Terms

GHIAA has developed a glossary of global health agreement terms to facilitate discussion of the varying interpretations of commonly used global health terms. We welcome suggestions of  new terms and definitions which are important to the global health policy and transactions community.

GHIAA Advisory Services

The GHIAA team includes highly experienced policy and transactional consultants who specialize in assisting funders, non-profits and public-private partnerships in developing policies, agreements and negotiation strategies to arrive at the best alliance terms to benefit themselves and the global health world. ​Please contact us to discuss your particular issues and situation so that we can assist you in achieving your mission.